Your Wellbeing – My passion

As a certified health and well-being coach I work with leaders to “be well to lead well” 

Stress is a hidden factor of everyday life, even if it is not clearly visible, it’s there.

We are exposed to a wide range of stress, from mental and emotional to physical and environmental stress. This can often result in fatigue, tension, extreme mood swings, sleeping and eating disorders, and burnout.

Living a stress-free life is an unattainable goal, but stress resistance can be enhanced through better quality exercisenutrition, and sleep.

Packages of 6-12 individual sessions, including a Body Sensor Assessment are:


Customized, 6 to 12-step process, based on a state-of-the-art, real-time physiological (body-sensor) assessment. Based on your heartbeat data, we gain insight into your physical and emotional state.


We identify critical stress factors and moments of recovery, whether you’re at risk of burnout syndrome, whether you ever experience flow, and how much exercise you need.


We create a personal strategy for you to make changes for the better in your work, private life, exercise, sleep, and nutrition.

Can I help you?

Contact me to craft your well-being coaching program.

  • 4 individual session with Body Sensor Assessment: 210 000 Ft   
  • 6 individual session with Body Sensor Assessment: 280 000 Ft 
  • induvidual sessions in person or online (every second week, 75 mins/session)
  • 5 (15 mins) phone calls
  • 1 Firstbeat Body Sensor Assessment
Paid in 2 parts, 50% at the beginning and 50% midway)
Individual session (75 mins): 35 000 Ft

Contact me

Brigitta Fűri
Phone: +36 70 601 9827