Executive Search & Recruitment Consulting

…when you need to act confidentially, or when you have done everything and the right candidate still not there, or you don’t have internal resources for recruitment. That’s when we step in.

Executive Search / Search & Selection

…when you already tried /done everything you could, used all you internal refferals, placed a jobad, spread your message on social media platforms and the right candidate still not there. This is the moment when we step in by using the most up to date search methodologies until we found your most desired candidate.

Also there are moments, when You have to act on a confidential level, not only from the eyes of our competitors, but from your own organization.

This is the moment when we step in and do everything for you on the highest level of confidentiality / and keep it  as our secret.

Strategic Human Capital planning – Talent Mapping

It is a strategic approach, it is Your conscious human resource planning.

No one wants to run their business without its Key people.

Long List Recruitment

…when it is crucial to find the best suitable talent for a certainly specific position or into an urgent leadership role AND direct search is the one necessary method AND your budget is definite we can still Partner with you and offer our expertise. Long List Recruitment is an uncommon product developed on the basis of our executive search practice and with the aim of giving an innovative solution in the age of change in our profession, when recruitment is typically in-sourced and essential part of corporate HR end-to-end processes.