Well-being for Women

Did you often think while progressing in your career that another two or three steps and you’d make it? And you made it, but didn’t feel happy for long. Satisfaction passed, all that remained was uneasiness. The better the role and the benefits, the bigger the responsibility, the pressure and the stress. In secret, for you’re supposed to be happy about your fabulous career, you may ask yourself more and more often if this is what you really wanted.

You’re not along with this feeling. The female body is less well-equipped to cope with chronic stress. Also, we are exposed to a wide range of stress, from mental and emotional to physical and environmental stress. This can often result in fatigue, tension, extreme mood swings, sleeping and eating disorders, and burnout. Living a stress free life is an unattainable goal, but you can improve your stress management skills. The aim of a customized well-being strategy is to have not only a great career, but also a great quality of life.

Well-being coaching is for you, if:

  • you really want to feel good. You’re determined to change your life you’re just unsure how to go about it
  • you have already tried to change, but lost your motivation or found it difficult to introduce new regimes
  • you’re making an effort to live a healthier, better quality life, but are frustrated by the lack of visible results
  • you’re a perfectionist. If your motto is “do it well, or don’t do it at all,” but working on a better quality life just adds to your workload

The process:

The individual 6 to 12-step process focuses on your goals. We build a liveable, sustainable strategy that covers your work, private life, healthy diet, exercise, and mindfulness.


  1. Using the world’s leading physiological analytics tool (www.firstbeat.com/work-well-being), we assess your current condition. Based on your heartbeat data, we gain insight into your physical and emotional state.
  2. We analyze the result. We identify critical stress factors and moments of recovery, whether you’re at risk of burnout syndrome, whether you ever experience flow, and how much exercise you need. Basically, we systematically profile the factors that affect your well-beingand performance.
  3. We create a personal strategy for you to make changes for the better.

Effects you can expect:

I don’t know how much weight you’ll lose, but you’ll definitely:

  • be more energized
  • be more aware and calmer
  • make better decisions due to enhanced awareness
  • feel better in your body
  • improve your interpersonal relationships
  • have a better quality everyday life