Well-being for Men

We spend more than a third of our life at work, which is characterized by sedentary lifestyle. We drive a company car everywhere, have an allocated parking space close to the elevator, people come to see us for meetings…

We might think we’re spoilt. We might not consider the fact that these insignificant benefits can affect our well-being. Do we use these benefits for our advantage or do we unintentionally abuse them?

Stress is a hidden factor of everyday life. It’s not a clearly visible expense on a spreadsheet, but it’s there. It’s a collateral causing 60% of chronic diseases.  Living a stress free life is an unattainable goal, but stress resistance can be enhanced through better quality exercise, nutrition and sleep.

Well-being coaching is for you, if:

  • everything is your responsibility
  • everybody wants something from you
  • you’ve already achieved the position you always wanted, but feel something is amiss
  • all your peers in the international management is fit and has a positive outlook, and you wonder how they do it

The process:

Objective, customized, 6 to 12-step process, based on a state of the art, real-time physiological assessment, to answer the questions below:

  • What are the stress factors of your job? Can you recharge after a busy workday?
  • How efficient can you recover? Do you ever experience flow?
  • When and how much should you exercise?
  • What can you do to recharge your batteries?
  • What are your regenerate energy levels?
  • Where are the limits of your physical and mental workload?
  • Are you at risk of burnout syndrome?


  1. Using the world’s leading physiological analytics tool (www.firstbeat.com/work-well-being), we assess your current condition. Based on your heartbeat data, we gain insight into your physical and emotional state.
  2. We analyze the result. We identify critical stress factors and moments of recovery, whether you’re at risk of burnout syndrome, whether you ever experience flow, and how much exercise you need. Basically, we systematically profile the factors that affect your well-beingand performance.
  3. We create a personal strategy for you to make changes for the better in your work, private life, exercise, sleep, and nutrition.

Positive affects:

  • Increased physical and mental energy
  • Improved awareness and stress management
  • Better decisions
  • Better interpersonal relationships
  • Balance between body and mind, fitness